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Smoke paper printing gluing slitting equipment supplier


It is used to make all kinds of specification’s smoking paper with watermark, gluing
and slitting into bobbin paper such as cigarette paper, threaded paper, brown smoke
paper and so on.
1. Quantity of color printing:1-4.
2. Group of color printing can be selected to add or reduce by customer’s
requirements, and the both sides of smoke paper can be continuously finished
watermark printing and gum gluing at the same time.
3. It will be set a converter motor on main machine.
4. It adopts magnetic clutch and automatic tension system on unwinding section and
unwinding traction.
5. It adopts torque motor on rewinding and rewinding traction.
6. It adopts pneumatic system on printing roller, traction roller and scraper blade.
7. Way to install plate: Installation with roller.
8. Ink circulation system.
Main technical parameter:

Model                                                   TF-PP900
Diameter of printing plate                             100-320mm (It can be customized)
Max. width of printing                            550mm
Diameter of rewinding and unwinding                          1000mm
Speed of printing                                          15-30m/min
Printing precision                                          ≤0.15mm
Heating mode                                             Electricity
Power                                                      22kw
Weight                                                    3000KG
Dimension(L*W*H)mm                          6000*1800*2200