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Industrial use automatic cigarette paper folding machine


Product Details:

Hand-rolling tobacco tissue paper produced by this machine which is link type,that means paper hand-rolling one by one,when you draw out  the upper paper,the next one will appear. The machine is running by PLC and using variable frequency motor. High degree of automation, compact size, low noise, computer control constant temperature automatically,high output, safe and reliable operation,simple operation is its special feature.

Main parts:

A、One automatic gum coater, dividing and cutting machine.

B、One automatic folding machine.

Main technical parameters:

1. Production Capacity: 30m/m,16460boxes(25pieces) /8h

2. Gluing machine power: 2.2KW(host frequency control speed)

3. Folding machine power: 2.2KW(host frequency control speed)

4. Availabe Folding max. layer: 25 leaves

5. Machine weight: 5tons